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Movie Reviews: The Incredible Jessica James, Message From the King

August 11, 2017

the_incredible_jessica_james_posterThe Incredible Jessica James is the first of two Netflix films I’ve watched recently. This one is the comedy of the two, and while I did chuckle a few times it’s not nearly as funny as I would an all out comedy to be. The plot is kinda boring and takes forever to get going, but thankfully Jessica Williams and Chris O’Dowd do have great chemistry as the awkward romance of the film. I dunno, I don’t wanna hate on it too hard, it just didn’t really feel like it had anything to say. Maybe I’m just a snob, 6.5/10



mftk-120x160-affiche-b-hdMessage From the King is a revenge fueled action film that I watched solely because it starred Chadwick Boseman kicking ass and using an African accent. Basically being Black Panther without the suit, it will definitely satisfy fans during the long wait for February. The plot is pretty standard as far as revenge action goes, but Boseman along with Alfred Molina and Luke Evans really elevate this with their performances. Fabrice Du Welz directed his first English language film to great effect, easily transitioning between the high tension moments and the slower moments. 7.75/10


P.S. Is anybody else pissed off that Netflix’s rating system is binary now?

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