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Movie Review: Spider-Man Homecoming

July 11, 2017

spider-man-homecoming-amazing-fantasy-exclusive-poster-nerdistPlease Sony, have have to resign this deal with Marvel. You can’t take this away from me, I have needed this in my life. This is the fifth live action Spider-Man film and in my opinion this is the first one to truly capture the essence of Peter Parker. Not only is he in the MCU proper, but he’s in High School for the whole movie. He’s naive and optimistic and funny just the way Stan Lee used to write him.

Tom Holland is Amazing in the role and I would call him the stand out performance if not for Michael fucking Keaton as the Vulture who steals damn near every scene he’s in. Spidey’s supporting cast is pretty great, can’t wait to see them fleshed out more in a sequel. Robert Downy Jr. is on point as usual, he could play Tony Stark in his sleep and it’ll really suck when he inevitably leaves Marvel.

Directing here is Spectacular, I’ve never seen anything else from Jon Watts but he left a good first impression. Pacing was fast and energetic like our teenaged hero and I really appreciated the small scale superhero action. This film also managed to capture an iconic Lee/Ditko moment and I loved how Jon Watts directed it.

Story here is very small scale and it has no big impacts on the MCU outside of Peter’s personal development, but that’s kinda why I liked it so much. It felt like I was just watching an issue or two of a comic story being played out on screen. There are some Sensational ideological parallels going on between Tony Stark and Vulture going on and I loved how Peter ended up not completely siding with either of them.

The score was awesome, I was in love as soon as I heard the orchestral version of the old school 60’s theme. The songs that play in the film are also pretty sweet, though they don’t take the spotlight in this film, that seems to be strictly a Guardians thing.

Overall this is quite possibly my favorite Spider-Man film, I’d have to rewatch Spider-Man 2 (2004) to be sure but it feels right at the moment. 8.75/10

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