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Movie Review: Baby Driver

July 2, 2017

baby-driver-posterIf there’s one thing I’m more obsessive about then movies it would be music, and this film has an absolutely stunning array of music to share. And unlike Guardians of the Galaxy which is just 60’s and 70’s pop, Baby Driver features some deep cuts from everywhere and I fucking loved watching these amazing tunes play out to various kick ass car chases. Edgar Wright is still very much an insanely brilliant director, everything has a purpose and he very much rewards repeat viewers.

Acting here was also great, Jon Hamm in particular really impressing me for the first time since the end of Mad Men. Ansel Elgort sold the introverted thing well, and Jamie Foxx was kinda terrifying as an unhinged psychopath. Kevin Spacey was amazing of course, it goes without saying but I figured I should say it anyway.

Story here is the most basic element, not all that different from an old 70’s car movie plot, but it was executed well and felt different enough in a modern setting. It’s pretty hard to find fault in this film, it did exactly what it wanted to do and it did while firing on all cylinders, 9/10.

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